The Buddy Ruski Show - Trailer

This is a moment I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time.

For the last five years, podcasts have been a significant part of my daily life as a listener, host and producer. I rarely go a day without listening to one. Recode Decode, The Bill Simmons Podcast, Binge Mode, The Daily and Today Explained are some of my favorites.

Podcasting isn’t a new medium, but it’s one that’s made a resurgence in the past decade because the technology, most notably smartphones, have dissolved the barriers to access. The platform has given producers and documentarians a new opportunity to share compelling stories and connect their work with the right audience.

I won’t waste your time explaining my show here. It’s why I made the trailer. Just crank up the volume and experience podcasting euphoria from your friends at The Buddy Ruski Show.

Each week, you’ll find new episodes here at featuring conversations with intriguing people as we unlock the truths that make us all unique.

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Thank you for listening! I’m excited to bring new energy to this show and more, with your participation, of course.