Beatmaking and Teaching English With Nick Wallhausser | The Buddy Ruski Show (Ep. 1)


The Buddy Ruski Show has its first episode.

After a long day of editing (it’s been a while since I’ve been behind the boards), the world is ready to hear the soothing, sultry voice of my inaugural guest, Nick Wallhausser.

Two of us talked briefly about his upbringing in Durham, his dissatisfaction with college, living in Japan for 6 years, and what’s next for his music label Raund Haus.

Thank you to my dear friend Jeremy Rist, aka Funkleberry Jams, for the intro/outro music and a special thank you to J0eru for the additional music selections. J0eru will be performing at the next Raund Haus showcase this Saturday, November 3.

Without further ado, listen close. I have a story to tell you…

I am still in the midst of getting the show up on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. As soon as it goes live on those various platforms, I will be more than happy to pester you with a subscribe button. Don’t you worry. Until then, please continue to listen here and on my Patreon page.