Hurricanes and Anti-Heroes with Holland Gallagher | The Buddy Ruski Show (Ep. 5)

On episode 5 of The Buddy Ruski Show, I reconnect with my former podcast producer, current Killer Bees teammate, and the Martin Scorsese of North Carolina film, Holland Gallagher.

We talk about Hurricane Katrina forcing his family to North Carolina, his growing passion for the arts while a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, the story behind HYPE, a web-series about Durham set to debut in January 2019, and why he thinks Marvel movies are bad for the film industry.

Things may have gotten heated...

As always, thanks to Jeremy Rist a.k.a Funkleberry Jams for bringing me in and taking me out in style.

Without further ado, listen close. I have a story to tell you…

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