SNDTRK: Volume 8

28 Years.

I have entered my 28th rotation. Time has begun to escape me as I’ve gotten older. I forget the day of the week, hardly pay attention to the time, suspended in each moment that feels more like a lucid dream than reality.

I love having an October birthday. The weather is magnificent with the smell of weekend soccer matches and late nights in the church parking lot with my brothers. Part of me is still stuck on the public school calendar so this is also the time when you’ve really settled into the year.

This week’s songs have no particular theme other than they’re fun and get me excited for life. Seems like an appropriate way to celebrate a birthday.

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Brand New Revolution


Every morning for two months, I crawled out of bed to this song. Brand New Revolution made its way into my playlists from a Spotify radio station which tend to be hit or miss (largely miss). It’s hard not to be optimistic after jamming out to the song’s simple, uptempto rhythms, wooden chime and harmonious “ah-ooo” throughout.

Dancing is one of my cherished stress relievers. Any time I’m alone, there’s a strong chance that whatever room I’m in becomes a rave. It’s a challenge for me now, even as I’m writing this, to sit still long enough to finish anything without the urge to get up and shake my tail feather.

Year 28 will be a revolution for me, too.


Travis Scott

For those that know me and my tastes, trap music is far down the totem pole. Call me old-fashioned, but I appreciate understanding most of the words when I listen to rap music. You can what you want about “vibes” and “feelings” and how thumping the 808 is but it will never top the surgical rhyming I grew up on.

That said, this song is too vibe-y and feel-y and full of thumpiness to deny its shear power as an all-time hit. I got love for Travis because of his Houston Rockets ties and for closing out many-a-shifts with me at the Runaway store.

To be honest, I don’t even know why he is getting goosebumps but my skin looks like braille whenever the beat drops. Over/under for the number of times this song gets played this weekend has to be astronomical.



Teachers used to diss me, now when I touch the road I make history.”

The greatest tragedy to ever befall the city of Durham is the fact that Skepta didn’t play at Moogfest 2016. Nonetheless, I had my own private concert every Friday after this album came out. I’d lock the door at the store, turn the shop’s bluetooth speaker all the way up, and spend the next 30 minutes running back Konnichiwa. It took months for me to listen to the rest of the album because I just couldn’t get passed the first song.

During an episode of The Super Empty Show back in the spring, I made the case that this album should’ve been on any and every “top [insert number] hip-hop albums of the decade” list. It gets overlooked because of its English origin but it is the opinion of this writer that Skepta deserves to be considered one of the great rappers of this generation and Konnichiwa is a big reason why.

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