SNDTRK: Volume 10

You want this to be a podcast?! Of course you do.

By now, you should have already listened to episodes one, two, three, and four of The Buddy Ruski Show. Early signs point to it being the next great podcast to sweep the nation.

Why stop there? 

As I look to grow the offerings across this website, podcasts are essential. They are the preeminent storytelling platform and host to conversations across the world.

So my question to you is this: are you ready for SNDTRK, the podcast? 

In the way that podcasts like Song Exploder adventure through the production of music, this podcast would focus on the effect music has on our everyday lives; the way it affects our mood and the nostalgia it induces.

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It was just by chance that I heard it over the loud speakers. The baristas at Cocoa Cinnamon on Geer St. were on an international hip-hop music tip. After getting my latte, I set up shop outside to read The Prisoner of Azkaban. I wasn’t paying attention to the music but as the beat dropped for YOUTH!, I couldn’t ignore it.

The best thing about listening to foreign artists in 2018 is that even though I can’t understand what they’re saying, it’s no different from the mainstream American artists.

The most delightful part of the whole experience was playing this song in the car with my little sister and her saying so nonchalantly, “oh, you listen to Bewhy?”

We’re more alike than I was led to believe and I’m very thankful for that.

Thas My Shit

G Yamazawa

This post also includes a moment when a member of my family shocked me with their knowledge of hip-hop music.

Thanks to this song and this video, G Yamazawa became a household name in North Cack. But I didn’t think one of those households would be my mother’s.

I love my mother but she’s a little behind the times. Eminem owes her a great many thanks for being one of the 10 people that spent real money on his most recent album. I assume she did it after watching any number of the “reaction videos” on YouTube she so gleefully shares with me whenever I visit now.

It just so happens that a rapper worth actually listening to also had his name dropped. When my mom came down her stairs listening to me bump “thas my shit” in her kitchen, she was eager to pipe up when my sister (the same sister who knew about some obscure Korean rapper) asked “who is that?”

The women in my life continue to surprise me.

More Than Money

Kooley High

“They had me roamin’ like a nomad, with my notepad, ‘til I go mad, leavin’ wack rappers with the toe tag…”

It’s no secret that I’m a fanboy for Kooley High. In fact, after their recent performance at Ponysaurus, I’m quite sure Charlie Smarts knows it, too. That’s what happens when you rap every word of Under the Sun like a teeny bopper at a Taylor Swift show.

Tab-One and Charlie Smarts, along with their powerhouse production trio of Fooolery, Sinopsis and DJ Ill Digitz, have a style that harkens back to a laidback, boom bap swag of old with a fresh approach, one that caught the attention of fellow North Carolinian 9th Wonder enough to snatch up Rapsody for himself and put his executive producer stamp on Never Come Down.

It’s rare that a group continues to get better, especially when members start having kids (have you seen Tab-Let?!). But Kooley High continues to ascend with no signs of “(n)ever coming down.”

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Ranging from music that has inspired me, invigorated me, or just songs that bump including fresh cuts and old classics. In doing this series, I want to share the connections I have to music and in turn, make a connection to you.

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