Raund Haus Releases Latest Classic with To the Moon EP

Back in February, Raund Haus hosted their 2-year anniversary party at Living Arts Collective. A full slate of the Triangle's best producers and DJs put on for of a raucous crowd. It was a night to remember.

At Runaway, we've worked with Raund Haus on numerous occasions, even bringing musicians from across the country to showcase their talents alongside the best producers and beat makers Durham/Raleigh has to offer. Most recently, we partnered with Raund Haus to produce a capsule that included a t-shirt designed by VHS wizard and designer Coolboy 36 and an in-store performance celebrating the collaboration. I'm familiar with most of the label's roster at this point.

But back on February 10, about halfway through the night's festivities, the BPMs took an uptick and the hairs on my arm stood up as my Spidey Sense tuned in to the unfamiliar sound coming from the stage. Again, I knew most of the artists playing that night and this didn't sound like any I had heard before. For the next 20 minutes, I couldn't keep still. Dance music is one of my greatest vices and this was a hit straight to the vein. Afterward, I tracked down David Huber, one of the organizers and label mates at Raund Haus, to share in my elation.

The mystery artist was Cameron Bernard, a.k.a. FootRocket. Since that night, I have been anxiously awaiting the debut of his To The Moon EP, which was released on Raund Haus on April 13.

Unlike other releases from Raund Haus, which can often be for the real beat heads like myself, this project is accessible to anyone who loves to groove. It's more reminiscent of fellow Haus member Treee City's Tidal Wave than it is Trandle's feel like

Picking out a standout song on a 6-track EP was tough. My gut reaction on first listen was Falling Off Your Cloud, a song that was hard to move on from. It has an incredible amount of bounce with elements that fit seamlessly next to Disclosure and Kaytranada in my dance playlist. For the geeks, When It's Over will awaken The Force inside you. Listen to it with your Rebel T-65B X-wing top down and your Wookiee hair flowing in the wind. The track features additional vocals from Cameron himself but sadly not enough of this.

Nonetheless, I would highly advise dropping To the Moon into this weekend's rotation. I've already sent it to DJ Rang for this weekend.

Check out the album (right) on Bandcamp, buy it, and/or stream it on any of your favorite streaming services.