Running from convention, Part 1: Reflections from my time at Runaway.

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On Tuesday, I announced my departure from Runaway.

*Deep breath*

For the first time in recent memory, I actually have time to take one. So much has happened in the last seven years; school, work, more school, more work, parties, late nights at American Underground, overnights at American Underground, and everything in between. I was rarely afforded the opportunity to stop and contemplate what I was experiencing in the moment so I am taking this time away to reflect on the wild ride and share these reflections with you.

Of course, there are a million and one things I could say (and will say in future blog posts) about my time at Runaway but I want to hear from you. There's a good chance that you're here on the Buddy Ruski website because of our mutual connection to Runaway and that's been a beautiful thing about the work. Engaging with the community is an important value of mine; an important value that I learned from a very early age in Durham. The fervor with which the community rallied around our team was and is still so humbling and invigorating and that inspires the work that I hope to do going forward, with your support.

In the meantime, fill out this quick form and tell me what deep dark secrets you're dying to know about me, my work at Runaway, and/or what's next and I will answer them in whichever format wins out: Twitter AMA, Instagram Live Chat, Mailbag column here on, or all of the above.

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