Kanye Goes Full MAGA, Dreamvillefest Is Coming In September, And NANCE Is Here! (Ep. 16)

In the past few years, some artists have come out of nowhere to become pillars of the Raleigh/Durham hip-hop scene, while others, once seemingly on the cusp of a breakthrough, have fallen off the map. Only a few have maintained and steadily grown their presence over that time, and NANCE is one of them. Despite growing up in a home where hip-hop wasn’t the soundtrack, his older brother turned him onto Dipset and Kanye early, and the rest was history. What began as freestyling at parties eventually turned into actual recorded rap songs with the likes of Raleigh mainstay Drique London and Kooley High’s Tab-One, and his new album, “No Excuses,” is the biggest landmark on that journey to date. Last week, it debuted in the Top 30 U.S. hip-hop albums in the iTunes store (!!!), marking a major milestone in his career. We had him on the show to talk about the message he wants to send with his music, the great care he takes with branding and merch, and the role of white people in hip-hop, among other things. 

The SE gang, along with NANCE, also kicks around the topic of Kanye’s newfound MAGA affinity, and Chubbz comes on the show to discuss what Dreamvillefest (September 15 in Raleigh!) means for Raleigh, and North Carolina at large.

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- Ryan Cocca