Kourviosier’s Never-Ending Grind, And A New Album From J. Cole! (Ep. 15)

With a lot of shine coming to the NC hip-hop scene and a number of new (and old) artists starting to get major buzz, it’s easy to forget about some of the long-time acts that have consistently made the area what it is through thoughtful, high-quality music. One of those artists in the Triangle is Durham rapper Kourviosier, who was making and distributing his own tapes by middle school, and got his first taste of the big leagues by regularly dipping out after school at Hillside High to visit 9th Wonder across the road at NC Central. We talked to him about those early days, why he collaborates almost entirely with one producer (Dre Rubio) for all of his albums, the moment when he thought he wanted to quit rapping altogether, and much more. Also, there’s a new album out from a guy named J. Cole out of Fayetteville, so Ryan, Alex, Mandy, Justin and Holland drop everything to discuss the content of the project and the controversies surrounding it. 

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