The Journey Of Kid Ethnic, Plus "This Is America" (Ep. 17)

Saleem Reshamwala stops by the Runaway Store to talk about the path that led him to some of his more recent career highlights: an 11-week stint at The New York Times, and a multi-million views music video in G Yamazawa's "North Cack," among them. A longtime contributor to the creative energy and scene of the Triangle, Saleem's (Kid Ethnic) wisdom and learned experiences are always a pleasure to hear, and this episode is full of commentary that will be useful and interesting to budding creatives hoping to make artistic pursuits into a career. 

There's about 20 extra minutes of interview that didn't make it into our iTunes upload. Lucky you, Buddy Ruski listener!

Thanks to the artists/songs featured this week, Danny Blaze's "Down Right Punch," and Tab-One's "Man On The Moon Freestyle."

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