SNDTRK: Volume 2

Dance, dance, dance...

It's what keeps my heart ticking. There is video proof (as mentioned in Volume 1). Dancing is one of our innate human desires. We use it as a form of exercise, as a mating call, or just for an ol' fashion good time.

For the unfortunate souls that have witnessed my attempts at dancing firsthand, they can speak to my lack of legitimacy. I'm a head-nodding, knee-bending hand-waving kind of dancer. The beat takes over and I just get out of the way and let my body do what it's called to do.

Sorry this one is so late. Did a bit of traveling this past week.


How Deep Is Your Love?

The Rapture

For agnostic, universalist pagans like myself, this song ignites the spirit in a non-denominational way. Until I saw the music video, I didn't think the song had any religious context. Even with that additional information, the song speaks to the spiritualist in me and doesn't take away from the message of love and connection.

The first time you listen to it should be at full volume, preferably at a club or driving down the open highway where you can fully appreciate how invigorated you'll become.

Falling off Your Cloud


There was this great moment at Moogfest this year where I was standing next to Oak City Slums at the Raund Haus showcase talking about how excited I was to see FootRocket perform. His set at the Raund Haus 2-year party in February was by far my favorite so I was anticipating seeing him again in person after the release of his EP. I waxed on for a few minutes until Slums stopped me to introduce his friend who had been standing next to me listening this whole time. Cameron was his name. FootRocket was his stage name. I wasn't embarrassed. The guy makes good music. When did fanboying become a crime?

Roll (Burbank Funk) - Kaytranada Remix

The Internet

Find me a more beautiful thing on the Internet than "Kaytranada Remix" or "Kaytranada Edition." Just stop. You can't. It's a rare gem. A golden goose.

When 99.9% was released two years ago, I knew little about Kaytranada. Beatmaking and DJing were popular in Durham, especially if Party Illegal had anything to say. For me, it wasn't until Raund Haus stepped onto the scene and we (Runaway) worked with artists like Tek.Lun and Astronautica that I gained an appreciation for a certain style of hip-hop production that Kaytrandada infuses into his addicting DJ sets and song remixes.

(If you haven't seen his Boiler Room set, the whole 42 minutes is worth it for the people watching alone).

I fully transformed into a Kaytranada lifer after he kicked "I Know You, I Live You (Reprise)" right into At All during this Hopscotch set. Sampling is a lost art in mainstream hip-hop but plenty of beatmakers have taken up the mantle.

Each Friday, SNDTRK will hit this site and your inbox, providing you with three songs.

The origin of the songs will range from music that has inspired me, invigorated me, or just songs that bump ranging from fresh cuts to old classics. In doing this series, I want to share the connections I have to music and in turn, make a connection to you.

You can find the full playlist here.