SNDTRK: Volume 5

Rest In Peace, Mac Miller.

His gifts as an artist are undeniable. I am not a devout fan and won't claim to be for the sake of social uniformity. When artists pass away, there's a tendency to over inflate their impact on us as listeners. I like some of his songs and will inevitably revisit his catalog during this time of mourning.

However, his demons, the ones that brought about his unfortunate death, should not be overlooked or understated. Drug abuse and depression seem to plague our community and is only exacerbated by its glorification in music and the equally addicting nature of social media and its effects on our self-worth. Mac Miller's overdose at the age of 26 is a product of the times. He won't be the last young rapper to go this way and that is something we need to address head on.

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Mac Miller featuring Anderson .Paak

I can't keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin'
I guess I need to hold onto, dang
The people that know me best
The key that I won't forget, too soon
I can't keep on losing you

In an interview with, Mac Miller explains the origin of the chorus saying, "Anderson wrote this song for people who passed away in his life."

When you've been in the game since high school, it's hard to remember that these artists are still kids and young adults grappling with emotions and feelings they just discovered. It's the same thing in basketball. Athletes are out on the AAU circuit at age 13 with huge Instagram followings and college recruiters at their doorstep, warping their sense of self and expediting their youth. Music entertainment is no different. Mac Miller looks as though he lived a full lifetime during his decade-long career. You sell your soul to achieve a level of success that becomes more of a burden than a perk of the lifestyle and finding a means to escape is vital.

Mac Miller had the respect of his peers and elders. He collaborated with many of my favorite artists and producers, including on this song with Anderson .Paak from The Divine Feminine.

Extra Extra

Rapsody featuring Mac Miller

"Wishing I could have Mac Miller Produced by J. Dilla
Saluting all legends that are gone just know we miss ya".

In 2012, I was looking forward to Skelethon more than good kid, m.a.a.d. city. I don't pay attention to the XXL list for the same reasons I stay away from; If you're worth looking into, I'll see you in the big leagues.

If I had walked by this video shoot, I would have thought these were two kids from DSA filming a class project. Mac Miller practically was. In today's Durham, this would have made much bigger waves.

Obviously, Mac Miller and Rapsody both went on to have groundbreaking careers. It's cool to have this artifact as a small symbol of where these paths briefly converged in the universe.


Mac Miller

Mac Miller was a complicated, troubled individual. Exploring his last words is worth the time even if you aren't a long-term fan of his music. As I mentioned in the introduction, the symptoms that haunted Mac Miller are not unique. Thousands of people, celebrities and laypeople, are being held prisoner by the traps that addiction and depression ensnare people in. The least we can do is try to understand their struggle.

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