Funding Journalism and Flying Standby with Aaron Mandel | The Buddy Ruski Show (Ep. 7)

On episode 7 of The Buddy Ruski Show, Justin FINALLY FINALLY has a conversation with his journalism Jedi Master Aaron Mandel where one of us is actually a guest on the show.

We talk learning to take no bull in New Jersey and moving to Durham over Raleigh and Chapel Hill because no one likes a wine and cheeser. We also talk founding the Clarion Content (which you should support along with this show), the circumstances that created a powerful movement in Durham at the turn of the decade and what it was like covering it.

As always, thanks to Jeremy Rist a.k.a Funkleberry Jams for bringing me in and taking me out in style.

Without further ado, listen close. I have a story to tell you…

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