The Endgame and Director's Cut with Ned Phillips | The Buddy Ruski Show (Ep. 8)

On episode 8 of The Buddy Ruski Show, Justin deep dives into the life of film director, producer, and recently un-retired pick up hoops player Ned Philips.

The two of us have been planning a conversation for a long time. Ned is a longtime Durhamite, a Riverside High School graduate like myself (roll, Pirates, roll), and an avid movie critic and enthusiast so there was a lot to cover in this hour-and-a-half-long show, my longest to date.

Like everyone show, we introduced Ned's origin story: bouncing from Durham to Greensboro and back to Durham, before taking his talents to France to live a life as a guide de voyage.

Our paths crossed in my early days as a writer. Ned and I have many mutual friends in the arts community, most notably Eli and Jon from LiLa, my first roommates, Aaron Mandel, my first editor, and Gabe, my captain at RUNAWAY. Through those connections, we've worked on a handful of projects together, including The Runaways mini-doc series.

We end the show with a deep reflection on our own nerdom, the completion of the "Infinity Saga" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what it means for the film industry going forward.

Take a listen and share with your friends who you think would also enjoy this conversation. Also, leave a comment, shoot me a text, give me a ring and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks to Jeremy Rist a.k.a Funkleberry Jams for bringing me in and taking me out in style.

Without further ado, listen close. I have a story to tell you…

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