Letters from Quarantine, Pt. II

Habits are hard to form. They’re even harder to maintain.

Have you talked to your siblings lately?

I'm worried about them, just like I'm worried about you. I know they're right down the road, but I haven't seen them in months. I heard things are starting to reopen. The country isn't ready. We know we're not ready. But I get it. People's backs are against the wall. It's making rational people stir crazy. I've seen more folks out on my bike rides.

Oh, I meant to tell you! Finally got my skates fixed. You remember how much we used to skate all around the neighborhood when we were kids? Over at School of Science & Math? Police have been kicking kids out of the skate park. I feel for those kids. Not having the park for them is like not having the Cage for me. I have to play ball. They have to skate. It's my safe haven. What's sadly ironic is places like schools where kids normally get kicked out for skating would be perfect right now given how empty they are. Why do these kids have to constantly live in a state of displacement?

Habits are starting to slip. It's weighing on me. Every day feels like the next which means urgency is hard to conceptualize. But you know me? These things always ebb and flow. I get super passionate about something then the distractions creep up right when I'm about to get my mojo back.

Hold on tight! We're not out of the woods just yet. I want to see all my friends again as bad as you do, but we can't slip up right when we're reaching a tipping point. If you need me, you know where to find me. My line is always open.

Miss you. Stay safe.