Quarantine Recommends with Osiris Media: How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell

Osiris Media Presents: Across The Margin / Welcome To The Party Pal's Quarantine Recommends with Mike Shields, Editor at Across The Margin.

On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of joining my friend Mike Shields, editor at Across the Margin, for an episode of Quarantine Recommends, a weekly YouTube show on Osiris Media. We discussed How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. It’s one of my favorite books with thoughts and ideas that I’m sure I will revisit often.

Mike and I met through our mutual friend Tom Rau. Mike and Tom are buddies from college. Our shared enthusiasm for music and storytelling, among many other things, led Mike and me to hit it off seamlessly. I look forward to a time when Mike and I can work together again.

Check out the full interview at the link below and be sure to check out Osiris Media and Across the Margin.